Foxiomail - Temporary Email Generator

Why Do You Need A Temporary Email Generator?

A Temporary Email Generator is needed to secure your identity. When you discover a temporary email generator, the first question that arises in your mind is "Why do I need a temporary email, when I already have a regular email (gmail.com,yahoo.com)?".

Nowadays to access any web resources on the internet, you need to register their content on the webpage by providing your email address. It is risky because you will not be knowing whether the website you registered is safe or not. Your registration information can be leaked. Or you may start receiving spam, advertising emails frequently if you register with your personal email address. Use a temporary email generator to protect your primary mailbox from junk emails/spammers/hackers, and be safe. Give your email address only to those whom you trust. Thus, by using a temporary email generator you can secure your identity and protect yourself from suspicious sites.

What is Disposable Email?

Disposable email is a service that allows a user to receive an email at a temporary address that expires after a certain period of time. They are just like ordinary emails but used for temporary use. You can use them without registration and discard them after use. You should consider using them because they are the best way to fight against email spam. Other names include temporary-mail, throwaway email, temporary email, temp mail, temporary email generator.

What is FoxioMail - Temporary Email Generator?

FoxioMail allows you to create unlimited disposable email addresses for free. You can verify Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, or anything that requires email verification. The temporary emails that you created in foxiomail will not be disposed of until you delete them. You can use it as many times as you wish to. Also, it is the only site where you can save email lists.

The emails received on your temporary email addresses will be stored in our secure database servers for 24 hours. But, if you wish you can effortlessly delete them as soon as you receive them. All these features and respect for user data makes Foxiomail different from other free temporary email generator's.

Consider that you visited a website to download something, and that site will provide you download only if you give them your email. But, you fear that the website can spam by sending you spam emails or can sell your data. Many times various forums, blogs, or other websites inquire about your email address and asks you to share it so that they can give you freebies. Or your email address will be asked before viewing their content, downloading anything, or to enter in a giveaway. if you suspect spam or leakage of information, you can use Foxiomail. FoxioMail will help you to avoid spam, hacking, and other related stuff. Our System is very fast and we have a refresh rate of 5 sec so our server checks for your emails every five seconds.

Benefits of FoxioMail.com

  • You can create temporary emails for free
  • You can create an unlimited number of emails
  • You can reuse your emails again and again
  • You can add custom usernames for emails
  • You can avoid spamming by using Foxiomail for various account verifications
  • What are the Benefits of a temporary email generator?
  • The registration is completely anonymous. You don't need to provide your personal information.
  • The deletion of emails and account is very easy
  • An unlimited number of emails/accounts can be created
  • It requires very less number of time to create temporary emails
  • No need to remember any password
  • The chance of hacking is very less